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The secret side of nature

About us

There are secrets in the mystical garden of Féerie Céleste which we want to tell no one except you. This world is full of magical creatures, euphoric scents of flowers, plants over-saturated with nectars, shrubs blanketed with the mist, paths bathed in the light of the moon, the glow of the starry sky. You will reach it using your imagination.

Open the gate to the magical garden encapsulated in an elegant, tiny box and trust your senses. They will navigate you to the place, where you will reveal the secrets concealed by nature. Listen to the whispers of the surroundings, let yourself be charmed by the depth of colours and enjoy the experience that Féerie Céleste prepared for your skin.

We believe that your personality and imagination are the keys to the unique world. Thus, we bring you a little bit of alchemy, developed with the use of top-quality natural ingredients. This mixture of a human, thought and nature are the three elements which are able to make the magic real. You carry two of them inside you.

We want to accompany you in this exceptional process of transformation – flirting with the world, discovering your dreams and reaching for them. The Féerie Céleste products are your true friends, naturally supporting women's strength. Awaken your imagination and extraordinary things will happen. Experience the products manufactured from the plants growing in the magical Féerie Céleste garden.

Never stop dreaming


The Féerie Céleste story is, in fact, a series of events which have started long before the idea to create the brand emerged.

The person behind the magical curtain of the brand is me – Sylwia Jakubek. Since I remember, imagination has been something extremely important in my life. Something I could not live without. I have used and breathed it every day, like oxygen. As a child, I believed that one day I would become a writer, as the stories I had been inventing were so unusual. One day, I have discovered the world of makeup and cosmetics and after some time I understood that the fruits of my creativity would not be the words, but images painted with the use of cosmetics.

Like in many cases, I started to test on myself. Regrettably, my olive and sensitive skin, did not tolerate most of the cosmetics available on the market.

I started to learn and experiment. First, I made cosmetics for myself and my closest ones, and later, encouraged by positive opinions, I started to distribute them. I knew that I have not only invested a wealth of knowledge and experience in what I had created, but also a lot of heart, passion, and imagination. I believed in my products and I was not wrong. Based on all the supportive opinions, I have developed my first cosmetic brand – Pixie Cosmetics.

My husband, Marcin, also committed himself to the growth of Pixie Cosmetics. Owing to our shared work and passion I was able, after a few years, to devote myself entirely to what I love. We encountered obstacles and difficulties, but we have always been coming away unscathed. However, in 2013, changes introduced to the applicable law affected Pixie Cosmetics with the force of an iron battering ram.

We thought that this was over. That this was the end. That we have to give up on everything we have worked for. But from the time perspective, I think that if you create something with passion and if you deeply believe and invest everything in what you do, the fate favours you. We saw the light at the end of the tunnel. And this light got us through and we survived.

The impetus that Pixie Cosmetics gave me, enabled me to develop a new brand – Féerie Céleste. Based on imagination, truly creative. Brave. Feminine. As imagination and magic have been always accompanying me all these years and have been always something absolutely unique. I make my dreams come true and I want all other women to enjoy it. To dream. To act.

Following this magical lead, I have bet on everything that is natural as I could not imagine a mysterious nymph making her elixirs of artificial substitutes. My recipes are developed like in a real alchemic laboratory – following research, tests, multiple improvements, and modifications. I always look for the core, the force, this greatest power encapsulated in a cosmetic product. And when I find it – I hand it on to the world, wrapped in a unique Féerie Céleste packaging.



Féerie Céleste is a brand aiming to remind, at all times, that in this world, miracles happen each and every moment. We want to inspire you to pursue your dreams, to trigger the unfettered imagination and reach for what seems unattainable.

The world constantly impresses us and everything that is natural frequently seems magical. Reflections of the sun on the water, dancing on the waves like magical dust. The flutter of a butterfly's wings, as colourful that it is not possible to reflect the colours by any paint. The structure of a snowflake, so elaborate and unique, however, constantly occurring and changing the landscape in an exceptional way.

We believe that nature is a medium of magic, while humans and their thoughts can shape it, giving it even more beautiful forms. That is why we encapsulate the essence of plants and minerals in the Féerie Céleste cosmetics, which, when having contact with your skin, are to stimulate you to create, awaken your creativity and give you a lot of room for different fantasies. We want you to enjoy each and every day, just for a few moments, your head filled up with dreams, aromatic experience and inspiration.

Don't be afraid to grab your dreams by the hand and embark on a special journey, which only you can imagine and experience.


Our values


We promote a natural way to beauty. Thus, we rely on natural ingredients and their beneficial effect on skin and health. We prove that natural cosmetics do not have to be a compromise for quality and effectiveness.


We are constantly looking for new solutions and unique ingredients so that they help us achieve excellent results which surprise with their uniqueness. We care about every detail, even the slightest one. We are aware that it is these details that form a whole and make each product gain its own personality.


Love to ourselves, respect for Earth and other beings. We want to take care of ourselves and get pleasure from beauty rituals, while ensuring animal welfare. We do not use ingredients of animal origin or those tested on animals.


We believe that imagination is a secret side of the nature of each of us. It is your secret power with which you can create and influence the surrounding world here, on Earth. It is a gushing source of inspiration to make dreams come true. Every day, we want to remind you of this.


The richness of the nature and the beauty of the enchanted world full of secrets is an inspiration for us. We want to make sure that every product we offer you is a proof of this.

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